Gibson Girl Wig

Gibson Girl Wig for early 1900's style. Gibson Girl Wig that completes your gay ninties costume. Gibson Girl Wig evokes the ideal woman of the early 1900's. The drawings of illustrator Charles Gibson came to represent the spirit of the early twentieth century in American life. His illustrations, appearing in popular magazines of the period, both influenced and reflected the attitudes, behaviors and mores in this country. His drawings attracted instant recognition and admiration by the general public. The Gibson Girl became a model for fashion both imitated by women and admired by men. His images permeated popular culture, appearing on items such as wallpaper, china, matchboxes and umbrella stands in much the same way that today's popular icons permeate our modern advertising. With her hair piled atop her head with a waist so tiny as to defy belief, the Gibson Girl represented a serene self-confidence that could over come all problems. The envy of all who knew her, the Gibson Girl remained aloof of her surroundings but not to the extent of haughtiness. Hair styles of the early 1900's were full and upswept with confident curls in honor of this woman of the times.

Gibson Girl Wig

Rolling curls fall from this classic 1900's
upsweep. From the illustrations of Charles
Gibson came an image that captured the
attitude of the period.

Gibson Girl Wig

Black (850BK) $38

Dk. Brown (850DR) $38

Brown (850BR) $38

Med. Brown (850MB) $38

Lt. Brown (850LR) $38

Lt. Blonde (850LB) $38

Blonde (850BL) $38

Dk. Blonde (850DBL) $38

Strawberry Bl. (850SB) $38

Auburn (850AU) $38

Salt n' Pepper (850SP) $38

Gray (850GR) $38

Lt. Gray (850LG) $38

White (850W) $38

Deluxe Gibson Girl Wig

Elegant Gibson Girl curls and delicate twists
in a deluxe fiber and style. Classic upsweep
in the spirit of the Good Old Summer Time.

Black (52216BK) $72

Brown (52216BR) $72

Chestnut Brown (52216CB) $72

Lt. Brown (52216LR) $72

Lt. Blonde (52216LB) $72

Blonde (52216BL) $72

Strawberry Bl. (52216SB) $72

Auburn (52216AU) $72

Salt N Pepper (52216SP) $72

Gray (52216GR) $72

Lt. Gray (52216LG) $72

White (52216WH) $72

Gibson Girl Wig

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